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Gary Hopkins began his musical career driving his parents mad by tapping on the formica kitchen worktops at their Birmingham home after joining the local Boy's Brigade marching band as a drummer. A year later he had his first drum kit, a three piece Broadway kit. If he had kept it it probably would have been worth something by now as a collectors item.
His interest in music blossomed at school and a band was formed. The drum kit grew as did his talent over the coming years, performing in a variety of pop and rock bands. Gary Hopkins also took up the piano, was classically trained for a while, and then ventured onto the guitar. But it was after several years of singing backing vocals he once and for all decided to lead from the front confident in his new-found songwriting ability.

Gary Hopkins is now a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His career includes performing on local and national BBC radio, live on national Portuguese televison, touring the UK and Europe, playing in some of the continent's greatest venues such as the Birmingham NEC, De Boerderij and Poppodium in Holland and UK universities. He has also toured with tribute bands YYZ, the ELO Experience as frontman, and in Portugal, The Azores, France and Canada with the Logical Tramps, plus a UK theatre tour as lead singer with The 70s Number Ones Show. Gary has also shared billing with some celebrated singer-songwriters including Go West, Three Men and Black which featured Pauline Black and Nick Welsh of Selector, Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers and Roddy Radiation of The Specials. He has also supported former Sony recording artist Martyn Joseph and Shelly Poole of Alicia's Attic. Furthermore, he has been on the same bill as Paul Young, Sam Brown, Kenny Jones and Bev Bevan.

He has written three albums and his latest, called Every Day Is A Miracle, has been released on the small independent label, Chaos & Vegas Records. The album has gained airplay on local radio and several hundred copies have been sold either at gigs or via the website The record company also secured a digital distribution deal with a US company which means the songs can be downloaded from a variety of music sites including Napster and iTunes.

Gary Hopkins plays keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars and drums. Live he primarily performs his mainstream power-pop songs on keyboards and guitar. He is constantly writing with a penchant for strong, crafted melodies and great hooks, and is presently recording a fourth album.

Finally, Gary Hopkins has also been a journalist who has written for two of the biggest newspapers in the country and contributed to music magazine and internet titles like Future Music and Music Mart.

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